Is Dumalock Really for You?

We have the solution for you!

Get your gorgeous dream home inexpensively and in almost no time at all!

Dumalock: Your wall and ceiling solution!


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Is the hassle of traditional tiling getting too difficult and messy?

Do not worry if you have inexperience with home projects, building decks, houses, or patios РDumalock panels do not require a professional to install! With Dumalock, anyone at any building experience level can have a beautifully finished project. The panels fit in your car trunk and can redesign any apartment, condominium or home space.

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When you picture your dream house, what does it look like?

Dumalock incorporates the idea of click flooring, enabling you to have the same ease of installment for your walls and ceiling. The four sided tongue and groove system allow panels to connect easily to one another.


Do you appreciate a beautiful home?

Say goodbye to messy tiling. With our factory finished grout effect, enjoy beautiful glossy or matte tiles.


Your walls and ceilings with have a fresh, clean look that will last for years to come.