Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Dumalock?

Dumalock is your perfect DIY renovation and new construction option. Quick and easy to use, Dumalock cuts the time, mess and labor of installing tile, wood, or drywall. Furthermore, Dumalock is easy to clean, waterproof, and 100% mold/mildew resistant. Enjoy your finished project in no time!


How does Dumalock work?

Dumalock is a patented four sided tongue and groove PVC panel that can be installed on new or existing walls and ceilings. In essence, it is the same idea as a click laminate floor, but for the walls and ceilings.


Is Dumalock fire rated?

Yes, Dumalock has a class A fire rating.


Where can you install Dumalock?

Living room, kitchen, bathroom, showers, bedrooms, basements, mudrooms, attics, garages, children’s’ playrooms. . . the options are limitless!


Is Dumalock safe for showers?

Yes! Dumalock panels are water resistant.

To ensure that  water will not penetrate through the joints: use a bead of silicone between all four edges before inserting one panel into another. Use a bead of silicone behind Decofix trim as well.


Can I hang anything on Dumalock?

Of course. You will need to use a drywall plug or anchor so that the object hanging is secure.

For heavy fixtures: find the stud behind the panel to fix the feature.


What is the maximum temperature that Dumalock can be installed in?

Maximum temperature: 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid saunas, contact with stoves, radiators or anything that may reach or exceed the maximum temperature. Place Dumalock at least 1.5′ away from the heat source.


Can I install halogen lights?

Yes! Holes may be drilled into the panels for halogen lights with a hole saw affixed to a regular drill. The contact temperature must not exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Leave a space of at least .4 inches between the halogen lamp and Dumalock to prevent distortion of the panel.


How do I cut Dumalock panels?

Dumalock can be easily cut or trimmed using a hand saw, table saw, circular saw, or sharp utility knife.


How do I attach Dumalock panels to the walls and ceilings?

Staple Dumalock to studs. Use a PVC compatible glue or commercial double sided tape for drywall, concrete or existing ceramic tiles.

Some examples are:

-PL Premium Construction adhesive

-Loctite Power Grab Glue

-3M commercial double sided tape.


What size are the panels?

-Width: 9.8′ Thickness: 0.4″  Length: 47.2″

-Width: 25cm Thickness: 1cm  Length: 120cm


How is Dumalock packaged?

Dumalock is packaged in 4′ easy-to-transport, lightweight boxes that fit in a car trunk. There are 8 panels per box. Each lightweight, 10lb.  box contains 25.83 sq. ft!


Does Dumalock have an insulating benefit?

Yes, Dumalock panels have an insulating value of R 2.25. This is comparable to the insulating value of a normal house brick.


What size are the Dumalock tiles?

For the 2 tile option: 23.6″ or 60cm

For the 3 tile option: 15.7″ or 40cm


Can Dumalock be used outdoors?

No, Dumalock can only be used indoors.


How do I clean Dumalock?

Ordinary household products are all that is needed! For example, regular house cleaning detergents, water and a sponge or cleaning cloth.

If conditions are very dirty, use a non-abrasive cleaning agent. Do not use abrasive, aggressive cleaning products based on chloride or solvents.


What is Decofix?

The all-in-one trim solution! Decofix comes in a pre-scored roll and can be folded to fit an inner, outer or J-corner. It can also be used on the face of the panels to hide seams between panels. A double sided tape adhesive is already applied to the back of the Decofix strip.


How do I use Decofix?

Decofix is pre-scored to fit a J-corner, inner corner, or outer corner. Remove the plastic covering to expose a thin strip of adhesive, fold the Decofix for your desired look, and press the Decofix against the panel. This will create a clean finished edge.

**Use silicone behind Decofix for shower installations


Can Decofix go in showers?

Yes! Place a bead of silicone behind the Decofix strip to ensure a watertight seal.


What colors can Decofix come in?

Decofix is available to match every Dumalock design.  A beautiful finishing touch.


What size is Decofix?

Decofix comes in two strips of:  8.5 LF x 2.2″.  17LF total.